My first year at Vistaprint, I pushed the idea that we could beat our Direct Response sales goals and improve our brand metrics with a testimonial campaign. You see, years before, as the lead writer on the Dove Soap 'real women" campaign, I'd learned that the key to shifting brand perceptions is authenticity. And that there is nothing more authentic than a (very well made) testimonial.

So we invested ~$2 million (including media). And we beat every one of our goals. 

But, I wasn't satisfied. We'd done better work at Ogilvy & Mather. And I thought we could get even better results at Vistaprint. So that next year, I proposed we bring all broadcast production in house. I then searched out the great documentary filmmaker and Director, Marc Colucci. I partnered with Eran Lobel, owner of Boston's best production company, Element Productions. I identified Kim DiVincenzo (an internal Vistaprint designer stuck leading an email team who I discovered had an MA in Marketing and a background in film) and began training her to lead a new broadcast group.

And the rest, well, as they say, the rest is ... history:

  • Two years ago, after the incredible success of the campaign in the US and CA, we took it to Europe, shooting equally effective (and inherently localized) spots for the UK, FR, and Germany.
  • Our internal Broadcast and Branded Content team now boasts 6 full time professionals.
  • After three years as my partner, Kim DiVincenzo is now the Creative Director leading Vistaprint's Global Broadcast efforts.
  • Vistaprint now profitably invests in the range of $40 million a year in Direct Response broadcast advertising.
  • Vistaprint's NPS, Reputable Provider, For Businesses Like Mine, and other brand metrics are dramatically higher than they have ever been.
  • Oh yes, and just this last year, due to the trust we had built, Vistaprint turned to our internal team to produce its first ever high-production, Brand Spot.

To date, we've done nearly a 100 spots. Below are a few of my favorites...

The suboptimal first round (PRODUCED BY A DIRECT RESPONSE AGENCY)

First round internally produced us commercials

internally produced british, French, and German Commercials

internally produced SPECIAL occasion/sale SPOTS