for over 20 years, High-end to low, fashion to pharma, 
finding the story and involving the customer

VISTAPRINT: rebuilding a plane at 40,000 ft. 

Five years ago, I promised I'd help turn around Vistaprint's global marketing agency and the Vistaprint brand. The company was doing $700 million but sales were slowing. The tactical marketing was hurting the brand. And the creative work was lame.

Today, Vistaprint's brand is flying high. YOY growth is around 20%. Sales are over $1.5 billion. My leadership and their supporting teams are dramatically more skilled and motivated. The work really works. And I, well.. I decided its time I started looking for my next high.

A truly global Brand spot

While I've led a lot of creative adventures, there are none I'm more proud of. 

The scene: A core creative team of only myself and my partner. No agency. No second chances. Little time. A tight budget. And a global audience.

It was an amazing experience - one that I lead with, because even if it's all you see,  you'll still go away with a decent idea of who I am. And how I solve complex challenges.


A new Corporate GLOBAL Identity system

By combining the insight of an internal design team with the expertise of a top design firm, we created a brand mark, voice, and identity system as responsive as the brand behind it. And rolled it out across multiple continents in record time. 


award-winning branded testimonial DR TV

Faced with huge sales goals and bigger brand challenges, I got to create a global campaign and train a creative team that delivered sales results and across-the-board improvements in brand metrics that surprised even me.


NEw site, display and Cross-channel work

While Vistaprint's always done a ton of email and display, both its production systems and its creative output were weak. Now, Vistaprint is delivering award-winning creative, market-dominating sales, and building a brand.


Creating more social Currency for less

Shake & Bake uses the crumbs that fall off Kraft's assembly lines to deliver millions to the bottom line. Dove soap covers all of its production costs by selling glycerin (a byproduct of making soap) to dynamite makers.

Bottom line, smart companies make smart use of their byproducts.

Nowhere is this principle more important than in the underfunded area of branded content. In the course of everyday business, companies create the elements of tons of relevant content that they never do anything with. Research studies. Creative exercises. White papers. All the grist for game-changing branded content campaigns is in your drives right now. The trick is knowing where to look and how to repurpose it.

By writing a song and filming our customers singing it, we produced an  ad, a basically free music video, a cover contest, and involved customers.